Before & After

One of the things i loved when i started photography were the colours that surrounded me and the beauty of everything UNTIL!! I started using different colour actions and now I simply give myself too much to choose from.

Have you ever wondered what your image would look like a different colour? I though it would be pretty col to show you a few comparisons and let you have some fun!

I just love love love black and white but sometimes it’s hard to decide! 

Here’s two of my fav ladies from nelson who make it hard to decide which images to edit let alone what colour haha


Anyway so there you have it a little inside look and a bit of fun.

This photo here shows it straight out of the camera and then a simple colour over the top. Nothing too dramatic it just gives it a wee pop.

I think pictures really do speak a thousand words. I recently go super stuck trying to pick b&w or colour. I think the b&w shows more emotions but the couple will end up with both options i think.